The Olympiacos all sport community benefit plan.

Bringing Melbourne knowledge from multiple sports

Alongside its footballing achievements within the Greek Super League and across Europe, Olympiacos has expanded its outreach well beyond the sport of football. The brand retains a proven track record in bringing multiple sports to the community, encouraging kids and adults alike toward a healthier and more active lifestyle. This active organisational culture has provided local communities, both domestically and internationally, with the resources necessary to grow sporting participation rates across a multitude of sports.

Table Tennis
Tae Kwon Do
Track and Field
Water Polo
Beach Volleyball

Olympiacos Social Responsibility

Evangelos Marinakis has ensured that whilst the Olympiacos continues to develop as a prominent brand within Europe, equal effort is placed to a socially responsible outreach across Greece and abroad, demonstrating in practice that giving is a way of life.

Evangelos is involved in the large, global issue of refugees. At his direct instruction, the Olympiacos team made an unprecedented humanitarian intervention. From March 4, 2016 and for two months, until state assistance took over, Olympiacos provided food, water, clothing and footwear to the refugees who were stranded at the gates of the Port of Piraeus. More than 70,000 meals were distributed along with 150,000 items of clothing and toys.